COVID-19 Coronavirus and Compounded Medication

Covid-19 Compounding Pharmacy More than…

This is the first time we’ve had enough time to put pen to paper to talk about the impact Covid-19 has had on a compounding pharmacy like Fresh Therapeutics

Covid-19 – When you may need a Compounding Pharmacy more than ever

The immediate response for us was to ensure our pharmacies were safe for our customers and staff. We implemented our Pandemic procedures for disinfecting the premises, consumer distancing and staff temperature monitoring as well as the wearing of personal protective equipment. We sourced more than the usual stock of face masks, hand sanitiser and thermometers.

But as the days went on and stockpiling of medicines occurred we found that many patients, particularly parents of young children were unable to access the manufactured form of their much needed medicines.

We found we were compounding a variety of medicines into various dosage forms from mixtures and suspensions to capsules, creams and nasal sprays. Many parents were delighted that we could compound their child’s medicine in a flavour that their child preferred. And adults were happy they could continue taking their medicine without a break in treatment which for some conditions could have been harmful.

As we came out of the first wave we found many of our dermatologists were then inundated with new patients wanting either creams/ointments or gels for newly diagnosed skin conditions or anaesthetic creams for cosmetic procedures.

So if, and when, the second wave hits and manufacturers are again unable to supply your medicine remember to contact our Compounding Pharmacy in Bondi Junction where we can work with your doctor to solve most medication problems.

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